MaxCabin: Flying Business Goes Military

There’s a new model in the works that will allow airline passengers to have more space when flying, and the design incorporates a distinguishable military-based concept.

Design Q has recently introduced what they call “MaxCabin” which is designed to replace the conventional seat rows we all have become all too familiar with when flying. MaxCabin will feature military style face-to-face seating as well as a double level concept that even allows each passenger to lie down comfortably.

Design Q reports that their design inspiration came from various other types of transport such as buses, trains and even VIP jets. The underlying goal for Design Q is to provide passengers with the benefits of faster and safer boarding and exit. I think we all can agree that exiting an aircraft a little faster and enjoying a comfortable (and significantly more private) space on the plane is something airlines should definitely look into.

Via:  Born Rich