Lennar’s Announces More Luxury Condo Developments

Just months after revealing the design of their first two Hunters Point residential block developments, mega-developer’s, Lennar, have announced two additional development projects to the tune of a third and fourth luxury condo building comprised of 66 townhouses and 93 flats.

The latest condo developments are said to be designed in glass, corrugated steel, and stucco with luxurious wood features. Eco-friendly roofs will sport solar panels and garages will be located in the back to make sidewalks free for pedestrians as well as allow for optimal street parking facilities. All of the new townhouses reportedly feature desks or open space on the ground floor for maximum Hunters Point outdoor living.

The developments will be designed by architect Kava Massih who says, “The challenge is to make it look like it’s organically grown over time.” Condos are said to be prices between $400,000 and $700,000 with construction set to begin by the middle of 2010.

Via: Curbed SF