Le Cirque’s Haute Friday Night Soirees

It was rumored that photographer Morgan Miller may team up to co-host regular events at New York’s Le Cirque after his successful Halloween party, and it seems the rumor-mill was indeed correct.

Last night saw the first of what many hope to be many events co-hosted by Miller at the Le Cirque’s lounge side with owner, Mauro Maccioni. Maccioni insists, however, that “Le Cirque is not losing identity”, and that his father Sirio is said to be a-okay with the idea of weekly soiree’s as long as they do not interfere with the restaurants regular operations. Duly noted.

 While the “parties” are unofficially set to be hosted every Friday night, they “won’t be a madhouse, according to Maccioni, who adds “it’s not like a nightclub.”  He and Miller will instead be inviting select guests (i.e. friends) and a carefully chosen doorman will strictly control those who come in, and those who don’t. At the first event that took place last night, Maccioni said, “I actually suggested people come in blazers tonight to maintain a very elegant standard.” A late-night menu was served until 2am and guests enjoy the likes of foie gras, caviar, smoked salmon, quiches, a croquet monsieur, and sliders.

 It’s safe to say that with the growing number of nightclubs and wild parties being thrown in New York, this elegant and sophisticated change of pace is very much welcomed.

 Via: Grub Street New York