Ebay For Billionaires

A new recently launched website BillionaireXchange, allows people to trade luxurious items. For those of you familiar with eBay, this site works in a similar way, only it’s the first of its kind. They promise to provide the richest and most affluent people with an opportunity to sell and trade items of high value with realistic potential buyers, borrowing aspects from eBay and high-end auction houses such as Christie’s, and allowing only the rich and famous to sell and buy with privacy. Their goal? To hopefully take advantage of the current trends of online auction sites and give those who wish to sell some of their luxury items the ability to do so.

On the site, they list the following as categories within which they trade including arts and antiques, luxury vehicles, boats, yachts, luxury real estate, jewellery, watches, planes, and helicopters. The site requires a membership and a verified net worth of over $2 million to bid on items. Sellers are charged a 5% fee on sales.  BillionaireXchange also intends to launch a free online magazine, which will keep current and potential members up to date on new luxury items and pertinent matters. We bet several celebrities have already discovered the site’s benefits.

Via: BillionaireXchange