Donald Trump’s Boeing 727-100 for Sale

Not sure if Mr. Trump is a little short on cash these days or in the market for an aviation upgrade.  I guess time will tell.

The signature Trump qualities are written all over this aircraft. Perhaps in efforts to not mistake his own jet for a neighbor’s, the 1968 vessel is adorned with the Trump “T” on the tail and a 30-foot Trump logo on the side, done with gold leafing, in true Trump style . Recently refurbished and painted in 2009, this plane is no hand-me-down. The jet has logged in a total of 41,833 hours and 29,664 landings, and comes complete with overhauled motors in 2006 and 2007.

The interior features spacious beige leather couches and beautiful wooden tables and cabinets. Fit for 24 passengers and refurbished in a VIP configuration, the jet includes a master bedroom, including a gold plated sink and hot water tank for the bathrooms. There is no need to delay business meetings since the jet accommodates two conference groupings, dining area with seating for five, crew galley, and plenty of storage for the fine china and crystal. The aircraft also comes complete with all its gadgets and current aviation advancements.