A New Kind of Personal Day

Once Halloween passes, it’s only a matter of time before we all start to check out in a way.  Some secretly set an “Out of Office” reply a day or two early, while others let a few more calls roll to voicemail while daydreaming about holiday shopping, jetting out of town, and completely disregarding resolutions.  While you’re spending a little more time away from the office, there are a host of galleries and museums around LA with exhibits that will only enhance your newfound, holiday spirit.

Royal/T, in Culver City, opened their latest exhibit called In Bed Together this weekend. The large art space/café with wood beamed ceilings, Japanese memorabilia, and waitresses in baby-doll outfits now features work by 50 artists selected by 50 professionals from the art world including collectors, curators, museum directors, and more.  The idea is that these artists and professionals are all… “in bed together.”  Some artists include Marilyn Minter, Cao Fei, Aya Uekawa, and Linda Besemer.

At the Annenberg Space for Photography, you’ll find their latest exhibition: SPORT: Iooss and Leifer.  The photographs are of athletes in their element looking as fit as ever – perhaps giving you a reason to keep those resolutions after all.  From Serena Williams in a powerful, female warrior pose to Muhammad Ali telling Sonny Liston who’s boss, the exhibit shows the physical, mental, and even cultural intensity of sports.

At Bergamot Station, there’s a new gallery open for your viewing pleasure and their current exhibition is a beautiful combination of drawings and poetry.  Galerie Anais’ exhibit The Great features Matthew Hellers’ simple black and white drawings of female silhouettes with bright splashes of color alongside his poems, which have been painted onto large canvases.

If established artists are more your speed, you’ll want to make the drive into Pasadena to see what’s on loan from The Frick Collection in New York.  Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ portrait of the Comtesse d’Haussonville is a formidable painting with stunning details and it looks right at home in this west coast museum, where it will stay through January 2010.  Accompanying the piece is an exhibit called Gaze: Portraiture After Ingres, which chronicles some of the world’s most famous portraits from the early 1900s through today.