Tasting Treats at Keller’s Bouchon Yountville in Napa

While Thomas Keller stole our hearts long ago, and we can never get enough of his masterpieces at the French Laundry, his other renowned eatery, Bouchon Yountville in Napa Valley deserves some ink too.

Launching today, Bouchon Yountville’s Chef de Cuisine Philip Tessier will highlight the celebrated cuisine of France’s Gascony area with a special tasting menu that will be available through October 25. This is the latest installment in the innovative series designed to pay homage to the cherished dishes of France’s distinct provinces.

Gascony, situated in France’s rural Southwest region, is home to such prized delicacies as foie gras and armagnac. Indigenous fare reflects rich meats paired with hearty vegetables and flavorful sauces, enhanced through techniques such as braising or confit to maximize each element’s flavors. These robust flavor profiles will be translated through time-honored dishes, including Foie Gras et Rillettes de Canard, Jambe de Porc Braisee, and Gascon Croustade.

Stop in for a sit down before the 25th, and put your taste buds to the test with a three-course prix-fixe option complete with a selection of complimentary mignardise. Special wine pairings will also be offered, designed to further enhance the gastronomic artistry showcased through the menu. Bouchon Yountville will feature the Gascony tasting menu from October 20 through October 25 for $60 per person and accompanying wine selections will be available for $35 per person. For more information or to make a reservation, please call 707-944-8037.