Perrelet Turbine Watch Event at Lussori, California

Luxury watch store, Lussori, in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, was the most recent U.S. location to formally introduce the consumer release of the trendy new Perrelet Turbine Watch Collection.
Swiss luxury watchmaker, Perrelet is looking to expand its brilliant timepiece collections into the American market by educating consumers about the true ingeniousness behind a Perrelet watch. Infamous in Europe and with top of the line quality and value, Perrelet are the inventors of the automatic watch and have recently furthered their efforts to make their own watch movements—one of the most important moves a luxury watch brand can take.

Unveiled during a Basel World preview, the Perrelet Turbine is an adaptation of the Perrelet patent, the “Double Rotor.” Using inspiration from the field of aeronautics to derive their aesthetics, Perrelet engineers and designers have transformed the double rotor into a turbine fitted with 12 blades made of titanium. The titanium turbine covers the whole of the dial and slips beneath an interior black bezel. Luminous markers underneath the dial emphasize and accentuate the optical effect making the visual impact of this Perrelet model all the more breathtaking.

The timepiece’s turbine is enclosed in a 44mm concave-shaped case, respecting the specifications of a fuselage and its aerodynamics, and recreating the original manifestation of the reactor. Completing the design is a black rubber bracelet which folds together with a clasp, ensuring any wrist complete comfort. The turbine collection is available in plan titanium or DLC-treated titanium, and turbine models will be available this autumn in all Perrelet points of sale.

Perrelet is not only about inventiveness, but they also pride themselves on authenticity and quality. Considering itself part of the “smart luxury” market, Perrelet incorporate elements of interest, functionality, tradition, and modernization into each of their products, ensuring that even the most avid watch connoisseur’s expectations are satisfied.

Via: Luxist and Perrelet