Michael Jackson Memorabilia Exhibit Extended

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles is honoring the late Michael Jackson, and listening to demands from his fans, by extending the impressive special exhibition featuring some of Michael Jackson’s glitzy clothes and memorabilia until next summer.

The exhibit, Michael Jackson: A Musical Legacy, was scheduled to close this past summer after opening in February but Jackson’s untimely death, and the media and fan storm that followed, undoubtedly influenced the museum’s decision to keep the King of Pop’s display up one year longer than originally planned.

The exhibit includes Jackson’s infamous sparkling gloves, embellished jackets, original lyrics, a Jackson 5 stage costume, and other artifacts never before exhibited. An additional collage of Jackson’s appearances at the Grammy Award shows will soon be shown on eight video monitors.

October 27 saw the premiere of “This is It”, a highly anticipated documentary capturing Jackson’s final rehearsal moments as he prepared for his world concert which was set to begin just a few weeks after his unexpected death. The theatre in Los Angeles where the documentary premiered is located just across the street from the Grammy Museum. A museum press release adds, “Perhaps the most exciting element is the exhibit’s new interactive experience which will allow visitors to dance on a floor of light-up tiles mimicking Jackson’s own moves in the ‘Billie Jean’ music video.”

The exhibition is one of the city’s most popular visiting points for Jackson’s fans, including his Encino home and his Hollywood Star. Larry King also did a live special of his CNN talk show at the Grammy Museum following the popstars death.

Via: LAist