Le Caprice Opens in New York’s Pierre Hotel

Attention all fine-dining uptown New York City luxury hotel aficionados! The recently renovated Pierre Hotel has just opened the highly anticipated on site Le Caprice restaurant.

As a renowned and highly successful London import, Le Caprice is owned by Richard Caring. Caring is also the legendary restaurant owner of the New York and London Soho House and McNally’s Pulino. Now he is opening his $7 million New York Le Caprice restaurant for all of the city’s high-end customers dining enjoyment. Caring notes, “If my American clientele are loyal, they will get tables. I want buzz.”  Like its British sister, Le Caprice’s décor is all in black and white, with a large collection of photographs by David Bailey.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant certainly is set to be one of New York’s newest dining hot spots.

Via: Eater New York