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Finding the perfect piece of jewelry can, of course, be done by way of more traditional methods, like searching through some of the most famous jewelry houses such as Cartier, Bulgari, or Chopard. However, if you’re looking for something with a little less recognition power, and a lot more inspired imagination, I suggest you take a look at Krikawa Jewelry Designs, featured in the recent Los Angeles edition of Haute Living Magazine.

Lisa Krikawa understood the power of catering to the kind of clientele who require a little touch of uniqueness and sophisticated beauty in their jewelry when she opened her boutique jewelry firm, Krikawa Jewelry Designs (KJD). With a degree in Fine Art and her husband serving as the firm’s chief technologist and master modeler, Krikawa serves up some of the most artistically imaginative pieces of jewelry around. Her long list of international clientele are not shy when it comes to demanding only the finest from their jewelers, and Krikawa is equally not shy when it comes to serving up those demands on a beautifully crafted silver platter.

Known primarily for their creatively luxurious engagement rings and wedding bands, KJD also caters to individuals looking for any kind of mystical, classical, or modern pieces. Krikawa finds her inspiration in a multitude of places, including the Frank Lloyd Wright designed home, Fallinwater, which inspired her to create the beautiful Mokume Falling Water ring.

KJD’s workshop and design gallery is in Tucson, Arizona where high-end customers from all corners of the globe congregate to get a piece of these prestigious and personalized works of art. For international clientele who are jet-setting in other places, KJD also has valuable tools such as an online team and video conferencing for all jewelry related needs.

The company was awarded with numerous tributes, including “America’s Best Jeweler” by National Jeweler.

Tel: 888.574.5292

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