Healy’s Personal Ponzi Scheme

Miami has its very own Bernard Madoff living amongst its residents. Though, the figures may not be as high and astonishing as Mr. Madoff’s dealings, Miami’s Sean Healy still fits into his own disturbing Ponzi Scheme mold. Healy is said to have walked away with up to $20 million of his client’s trusted funds, investing them into his own personal abundant lifestyle.

Healy and his wife, a former Hooters waitress, were living in a flamboyant $2.4 estate in Weston, Florida with enough amenities to supply a family of 12.  But there was certainly no family that large living in the home, well, unless you count their various forms of transportation as part of the family. The couple had a Ferrari, a stretch limousine, and several Lamborghinis, even a pink one for her. The couple was also known to spare no expense on jewelry and extras for the extravagant home, reportedly spending millions on jewelry on certain shopping trips. A $500,000 home theatre was also installed in the Healy’s home. This begs the question, the simple, no details, zero frills question of, why?

The estate once belonged to former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar who played for the Cleveland Browns and in his earlier days, the Miami Hurricanes. But Kosar had financial troubles of his own, filing for bankruptcy in mid 2009.  While Healy is on house arrest in New York, other potential buyers may be excitedly checking out the property, to perhaps one day, be able to call it home.

Via: Luxist