Haute Beauty: “Liquid Gold” Sebbag Essentials

Parisian hair-stylist and Los Angeles resident, Eric Sebbag, is using his haute French talent to bring a hair and body serum to the world of beauty essentials.

The new hair and body line, entitled Sebbag Essentials, has been dubbed by adoring fans as “Liquid Gold”.  The delicate serum gives skin a healthy, dewy glow, and a gorgeous look while a small amount rubbed into hair will quickly enrich and emphasize shine in all types of hair.

Sebbag notes, “Our ancient ritual of Argan Oil Hair Serum, grown in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, has been adopted by my family for over three generations. It is used to replenish and re-moisturize your hair, as well as your skin. Excellent for treating all hair and skin types,
and can also be used for styling hair.”

Celebrities have also caught on to the liquid gold trend, including Pamela Anderson, Jenny Garth, Carrie Anne Inaba, Ashley Scott, and the always radiant Demi Moore Kutcher. Anderson says, “I use Sebbag Essential Oils daily on my body and in my bath, and I absolutely love it! It’s Vegan and animal cruelty free, PETA approved.”

The product is simple to use, and guarantees beautiful results. Simply use two or more drops of the oil daily on damp hair for conditioning and rehydrating. Use another drop on dry hair before blow drying to enhance shine. As a natural product, it can also be used on all skin types immediately after showering or bathing to replenish and rehydrate skin requiring just a few drops.

Sebbag Essentials
128 South Laurel Ave.
Los Angeles CA, 90048
T:323 945 6496