Gloria Estefan’s Jewels Confiscated at London Airport

Miami resident and multiple Grammy Award Winner, Gloria Estefan was recently on her way to Milan when a stopover in a London airport created some jewelry dilemmas that the pop star isn’t quite familiar with.

Ms. Estefan was wearing a Bullets 4 Peace pendant intended to make a statement promoting world peace and designed and created by Rafi Anteby, a former officer in the Israeli army and leader of a hand on hand combat in the largest private army in the world, intended to make a statement promoting world peace. Symbolically and artistically inspiring, the necklaces are made from real bullet casings that have been found and removed from streets and warzones all over the world. Proceeds from the sales go towards supporting various charitable organizations.

It’s assumed that due to the design of the necklace, and its use of a real bullet casing, Ms. Estefan’s necklace was originally deemed to be permanently confiscated, however, luckily for Ms. Estefan, the pilot onboard agreed to hold it in the cockpit for the duration of the flight, returning it to its rightful owner once her plane landed in Milan.

This is the second reported case of a confiscation of a Bullet 4 Peace necklace in less than a week. The first case occurred when rapper Snoop Dogg had his necklace confiscated in the Beirut airport on his way back from a concert. Other celebrities who have been seen wearing the necklace include, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria-Parker, Beyonce, Jeremy Piven, Jamie Foxx, and Kanye West.

Via: The Miami Herald