Barbie’s New Sugar Daddy Ken

It looks like there’s a new guy on Barbie’s block giving classic Ken a run for his money. “Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken” is new to the neighborhood and is making the old Ken look a bit out of date. Mattel’s recent creation is dressed to the nines in white slacks, a crisp, flashy green jacket, and even a pink polo shirt, representing South Florida’s leisure style to the fullest. Sugar Daddy is the latest addition to the popular line of Palm Beach Barbie, which already includes Palm Beach Coral Barbie and Palm Beach Caftan Barbie. Sugar Daddy Ken also appropriately comes with a small white dog on a leash. Barbie better watch out,  it looks like she’s got some major competition.

But Mattel isn’t aiming this latest and greatest Ken version to its normal Barbie-playing youth. Instead, the toy is bringing full-blown Barbie joy to us, supposed mature, grown adults. It’s not very likely that children would comprehend the total concept of “Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken” anyway. So this South Florida fashionista stud of a man, er, I mean doll, has been added to the adult Barbie Collector Line. Who even knew there was such a thing? But before you go making any assumptions about Ken and his sugar daddy ways, let’s get one thing straight — his “sugar daddy” reference has nothing to do with his fortunes or him scooping up significantly younger blonde Barbie babes, at least that’s what Mattel says. Instead, they say it refers to his little while dog, Sugar. So quite literally, he’s Sugar’s daddy. Oh thank you Mattel! I can now rest easier knowing that “Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken” isn’t so shallow and pompous after all.

Via: The NY Post