Ivanka Barks Back

Newlywed Ivanka Trump can’t seem to catch a break. Just days after her fairytale wedding to New York Observer publisher, Jared Kushner, she’s not only back to work, but she’s also already swatting off deceptive stories about her wedding day.

The Post gossip columnist, Cindy Adams, has reportedly revealed details about the Trump wedding that are, let’s just say, less than accurate. Adams is said to have reported that a flyer for Trump golf properties was included in the invitations to the nuptials, among other apparently false allegations. The business-minded and sophisticated Ivanka isn’t taking the rumors lightly, and she is rebutting before the gossip gains any momentum.

“Cindy Adams neither attended nor was invited to my wedding, and her story was filled with various inaccuracies, including those about the weather and the ‘marketing flyer’ included in the invitation, which were both easily fact-checkable,” says Ivanka.
Adams admits she wasn’t, in fact, at the wedding, but claims, “Half of the guests called me afterward. A lot of people got the marketing flyer.” Ivanka whole-heartedly disputes the allegations and rightfully adds, “My wedding was a private, perfect occasion, the memories from which I will treasure for a lifetime.”

Via: Gothamist