World’s Most Expensive BlackBerry

For many of our Haute Living readers, keeping up with the latest and greatest that the world of luxury technology has to offer is more than just a favorite pastime, it is a way of life. For those of you who embrace all that the good life has to offer, check out this piece of haute technology.

Next week, U.K. based luxury designer, Alexander Amosu will be releasing what he dubs “the world’s most expensive BlackBerry,”—the custom-made BlackBerry Curve 8900. This unique BlackBerry handset, called Amosu Curva, has been crafted in solid 18-carat yellow gold and encrusted with 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds resulting in a total carat weight of 28.43 to satisfy just about anyone’s love of all things luxurious. It includes the option to have the battery cover personalized with your name or company logo and also features a one year free 24-hour global concierge service in 44 countries around the world.

This extravagant BlackBerry certainly doesn’t come cheap—it is being reported that Amosu is setting the price at a hefty and possibly record-breaking $240,000. However, if that is something you’re willing to spend, then prepare yourself for some stiff competition. This is a limited edition phone, and when Amosu says limited, he means it—there will only be three of these astonishingly lavish BlackBerry’s on the market. An unnamed “client in the Middle East” has reportedly already purchased one of the Amosu Curvas.

Amosu and his company, Alexander Amosu Ltd., are well-known for their impressive and wallet-breaking variations and custom designs for high-end gadgets, as well as other exorbitantly prices products such as the $112,000 men’s couture suit.