The Perfect Fit

Alberto Pinto brings a unique mix of influences to his work. He is an established designer whose commissions run the gamut from yachts and jets to hotels, offices, and private residences. He is well known in the design world, but still, it is difficult to define his style. His themes crossover from minimalist to baroque, and his inspirations come from a number of eras and various regions around the globe. Mostly, it is his cosmopolitanism itself that defines his work—a thoroughly 21st-century style of borrowing from across genres and creating one-of-a-kind blends.

Pinto was born in Morocco but studied in France. After graduating from the Ecole de Louvre in Paris, Pinto moved to New York City and opened a firm for photographers that specialized in decoration and interior design. As the head of the photo agency, he was able to travel all over the world and was introduced to some of the most amazing examples of international design in Mexico, India, Italy, and South America. His appreciation for and understanding of the field grew as he developed his own personal style, gaining inspiration from the places he travelled.

Perhaps ironically, given the great attention to detail that his job requires, Pinto is typically drawn to large-scale projects. Some of his greatest challenges come from bigger commissions where he has the opportunity to mix together pieces from different countries and periods.

Having built up a following and portfolio of a number of diverse projects, Pinto began taking on new commissions for yachts and jets. This foray represented new challenges that the enterprising designer welcomed.

Most recently, he led the design of two separate Boeing 737 private jets. Considering the confines of the project and the unique challenges of private jet interior design, it is interesting that he managed to deliver such different renderings. Both are ultra-luxe, using glossy wood panelled walls to offset buttery, soft, leather furniture. The layouts are versatile, enabling passengers to relax and enjoy themselves or hold meetings, depending on what the situation requires.

The interior design of a jet seems like a natural fit for Pinto, with his international experience and style. His career was, in part, inspired by his travels so it is fitting that he now brings his expertise to the design of private jets.

In addition to his eye for color, texture, and spatial relationship, one of the things that aids Pinto is that he has built up a team of the best artisans in the world, with whom he has worked throughout his career.

Clients appreciate Pinto’s unimpeachable devotion to discretion in all of the projects he undertakes. He has worked with a number of high-profile clients and these relationships themselves are a testament to Pinto’s professionalism. His high-end clientele has coined the term “Haute Interior Design” to describe his style as well as the way in which he conducts his business.

The agency is located on five floors of a 17th-century private residence in the Place des Victoires in Paris. It is known as the Hôtel de la Victoire, and the office is a testament to Pinto’s artistry, with its esoteric elegance and respect for the existing structure.

For more insight into the designer’s unique style or possible inspiration for your own decoration, check out Alberto Pinto: Orientalism, written by Philippe Renaud and published by Flammarion. Also look out for his home designs, the result of a close collaboration with some of the world’s best manufacturers. This collection makes his style more accessible than ever, and now, wherever you are, bringing  the unmistakable Pinto look into your home is right at your fingertips.