The Napa Valley is North America’s Preferred Wine Destination

The Napa Valley is one of the rarest and most precious agricultural preserves on earth, a place that moves in perfect synchrony with the seasons. That is why it is not surprising why the Wappo Indians — the areas first inhabitants — called the region Napa, meaning “Land of Plenty.”

Even less surprising is that in a recent survey done by TripAdvisor, The Napa Valley was named North America’s number one wine destination. It is recognized for its unparalleled beauty, vineyards, and world-class wines. The editors of TripAdvisor describe it as the “undisputed wine capital of America.”

Clay Gregory, CEO of the Napa Valley Destination Council, he said “The Napa Valley provides the genuine wine country experience travelers desire and we are thrilled that the TripAdvisor community has honored our destination with the #1 position on their Top Ten wine destinations list.”

Gregory added, “The Napa Valley defines a casual wine country lifestyle and our region’s beauty, world-renowned wines, restaurants, spas, and authentic cities and towns offer the traveler activities that will enrich both body and soul.”

In the international world of wine, The Napa Valley has been recognized as one of only eight “Great Wine Capitals,” which goes to show that the high art of winemaking has crossed continents! The region has made it even more of a pleasure for wine enthusiasts to visit by enticing us with wonderful foods, relaxing spas and other wellness rich activities. So after spending a day deep in the fields of wine, treat yourself to a delicious restaraunt and relax at one of the many resorts. You will not be disappointed!

Via Legendary Napa Valley