Socializing in Style

Marvelous dinner and cocktail parties are one essential and fun part of leading a fabulous life of luxury. What better way to socialize and impress than having friends and family over while celebrating all things first-class? Designer digs displayed on guests’ bodies, expensive noshes and drinks mingling around your home-what more could anyone ask for? But there is one way to still perk up your already spectacular gathering — the way you display your fabulous party favors.

When it comes to your cocktails, plain champagne bottles and other beverages you serve will not suffice simply sitting atop tables or inside ice bins. Sorry, but if your goal is to stay ahead of the game and to be the best, and we know it is, we had to break the news.  And if cognac is a favorite of you or your guests, there’s only one way to display it — with a cool and equally impressive casing. It will certainly be a conversation starter and yet another way for you to impress those attending your event.

Louis XIII cognac now has an Art-Deco inspired coffret made by Remy Martin. The chic casing features hand-crafted red imitation leather and a dark wood case. There’s also a mirror that reflects the delish intoxicant and prominently displays the gorgeous crystal stopper at top. The cognac fills a baroque-style crystal decanter that is almost too pretty to open. Well, not really.  The launch of the prestigious product will take place in October at the Tax Free World Association in Cannes for an approximate price of $2,713, a small price to pay for the astonished looks and gossip that will surely take place after guests leave your party amazed and wanting more.

It has a multifaceted mirror inside that reflects the spirit and displays the crystal stopper in place. The spirit itself is presented in a baroque crystal decanter with a fleur-de-lys stopper. “Compact, robust and easy to carry, the coffret and its outer carry-case have been designed to be more environmentally friendly” – Remy Cointreau said. Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail will launch Louis XIII de Rémy Martin at the TFWA World Exhibition in October for a price of approx. $2,713.

Via Bornrich