Ready for Takeoff

The Bombardier Learjet 40 XR is the most technologically advanced light jet on the market today. It is faster than any other aircraft in its category and its takeoff is shorter as well. At a soaring altitude of 51,000 feet, it supersedes commercial crafts and rockets past the competition. What does that mean for you? It means you get the shortest, safest, most comfortable trip possible. And so, with the introduction of this model in the Learjet series, one small step for Bombardier equals a giant step for light jet travel.

The Learjet 40 XR, introduced nine months after the revolutionary Learjet 40, offers increased take-off weight, faster cruise speeds, and better time-to-climb rates as compared to the Learjet 40, advances that come as the result of upgraded engines. The Learjet 40 and the 40 XR have a shorter fuselage than their predecessor, the Learjet 45.

Despite its lighter weight and smaller size, the Learjet 40 XR still retains a considerable carriage capacity, holding up to seven passengers and two crewmembers. It is spacious in terms of its ability to hold cargo as well; the 50 cubic feet of external baggage space offers storage for up to 500 pounds of regular or oversized luggage while the internal space measurements total 15 cubic feet.

This seemingly paradoxically large interior is another factor that makes the Learjet 40 XR a standout in its class. The cabin is about 20 percent larger than today’s light business jet. It is also the tallest in its class, reflecting the aircraft’s premium status. With superior style and functionality throughout, it has every amenity to maximize passenger comfort and productivity, incorporating the facilities and space that we associate with larger craft into the body of a smaller plane.

The cabin area is available in a number of layouts to suit the specific needs of a sophisticated traveler. Just as with cars, homes, toys, and wardrobes, personalization can transform the generic into something that exudes class. Bombardier Learjet aircraft can be outfitted to meet owner preferences, with a full selection of interior, exterior, equipment, and avionics options. There is something for everyone, whether one’s tastes are conservative or trendy, or their technology needs are basic or highly specialized.

Another important feature of the Learjet 40 XR—particularly in this day and age, where cost- and fuel-efficiency are weighing heavily on almost everyone’s mind—is the relative affordability. The 40 XR is incredibly economical due to its fuel-saving capabilities. It is truly a business jet for the times. The small size is key, as it is a full two feet shorter than the Learjet 45, which means it accommodates two less passengers and carries 100 fewer gallons of fuel. Despite its reduced stature, the internal workings are nearly identical between the 40 and the 45. The two share the same engines, avionics, wings, cockpits, and fuselage cross-sections, but the reduction in size and weight accounts for a $2.4 million difference in the price tag.

What’s more, the Bombardier Learjet 40 XR is a high performance jet. It has specifications that ensure maximum flight capabilities even in extreme heat. The XR aircraft features a 600-pound increase in maximum takeoff weight, increased fuel capacity, and a pair of high performance Honeywell TFE731-20-BR engines that improve time to climb and deliver better high-speed cruise. Under hot and high conditions, the Learjet 40 XR can fly up to 1,000 nautical miles farther than the Learjet 40.

Business travelers appreciate that this fuel- and cost-efficient increased performance comes with almost no sacrifice of comfort or interior spaciousness. It still feels like every bit the luxury aircraft, a well-appointed home in the sky for frequent flyers that demand the best.