MiaCucina: Setting the “Record”

HL We are, of course, familiar with MiaCucina, but please explain who Record Cucine is.
Mark Murphy, CEO of MiaCucina Record is a family-owned Italian manufacturer of quality kitchens and is part of a larger group that also produces closets and children’s furniture. Record Cucine has been producing quality kitchens for more than 30 years in Northern Italy, and we feel their energetic management style and leading design team enables MiaCucina to continue with its longstanding tradition of exceeding its customers’ expectations.

HL MiaCucina has been in the cabinetry business for many years. What is it about Record Cucine that made it interesting for MiaCucina to bring them into their line of products?
MM Our customers are a very discerning and demanding group, and we needed a company that could exceed their expectations as well as fit into our corporate mind set. Throughout the years, we have developed very good relationships throughout Italy. Recently, we have been using our contacts in the region to find a company that offers the leading designs that we are looking for and has the capability and enthusiasm to work within our markets. With Record Cucine, we feel we have succeeded in finding a perfect match for our customers and for us. Record brings quality, leading design, and production flexibility to the table.

HL Wow, that really is an impressive statement considering the reputation MiaCucina has in our community. What does this mean for your customers?
MM Nothing is more important and more valuable to us than our client base. More than 75 percent of our business comes from the referrals of past customers, and we feel this is because we take care of them. As part of our research, we thoroughly investigated Record’s reputation and quality controls, and we feel we have made a substantial improvement in terms of quality and design by bringing in Record. With Record, we will be able to provide a wider variety of materials, a greater variety of options, and still maintain a cost-effective pricing structure that our customers appreciate.

HL You mention a wide variety of materials and options. What are some of these options and materials that you think people will find appealing?
MM In terms of materials, we are seeing a lot of interest in the glossy lacquered woods—wood veneers with a clear coat of lacquer on them. The clear lacquer brings a depth and beauty to the material that you need to see to truly appreciate. What is fantastic about this is we can use sustainable woods and produce a product that looks both elegant and exotic.

Lately, we see our customers requesting more interesting lighting options and the elimination of handles. Some of the exciting new standard features include several types of fully integrated under-cabinet and IN-cabinet lighting systems, including LED lighting, no handle door opening systems, Complanar door opening systems, and numerous types of door-opening hinges. With Record, we can easily accommodate these requests.

HL We see that MiaCucina continues to be involved within the community by promoting various charities and hosting dinner events at your showrooms. What else is on the horizon for MiaCucina?
MM Thanks to our customers, we have been able to help various charities and organizations in our community, and in the end it benefits everyone. Our next venture involves taking our business model and relationships to both a national and international level through our sister company, Mia. We are looking for entrepreneurs with a similar mindset towards delivering quality products and providing exceptional customer service. We have already established arrangements in Mexico and Panama, and several more locations are in the works. It is all very exciting but our core strategy remains the same: Do what you say you are going to do and do it in the time frame you say you are going to do it.

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