Louis Vuitton Celebrates 20 Years of the Monogram Shawl

To recognize the 20th anniversary of its eminent emblematic scarf, Louis Vuitton is releasing three new versions of the Monogram Shawl.  Each new design is an interpretation of trends of the past 20 years and is illustrated with a new take of the classic print.

Monogram Shawl ROCK, Vinyl Touch

Reminiscent of a vinyl record, this shawl evokes the wild rock and roll side of Louis Vuitton.  Made from silk that undergoes a unique lamination process and wool with jacquard pattern, the shawl achieves an alluring vinyl look.  The emblematic hemstitching adds to the glamour and fun.

Monogram Shawl Pois, Yin &Yang Japanese Minimalism

Channeling the minimalistic Japanese simplicity wave, the Monogram Pois is showcased as a pure white classic Monogram base with soft black velvet dots.  Giving a beautiful feeling of Yin & Yang, it is made of silk and wool with dyed jacquard pattern.

Monogram Shawl Grunge, Vintage Grunge Washed

Even the grunge look achieves a sophisticated elegance with Louis Vuitton.  Made of silk and wool, the Grunge Washed aesthetic is achieved by weaving two different yarns together in a crumpled jacquard pattern.  This creates the two-tone look and is accented with fringe details and metallic studs around the Louis Vuitton Paris signature.

Each of the three shawls comes in a black pouch with a pink Louis Vuitton signature and is available for $745 at Louis Vuitton stores and at louisvuitton.com.

Via I Lvoe LV