British Airways to Charge for Seat Selection

There has probably been a moment in all of our travels when we thought the airlines simply couldn’t charge us for any more extras without a complete uproar from the general public. Apparently that uproar has yet to reach audible decibel levels as of yet because the fees continue.

Depending on the airline and specific flight route, travelers today could be charged for alcohol, headsets, sodas, sandwiches, checked luggage, and most recently, even restrooms. This year, commercial passengers can also expect to pay an extra charge for flying the Sunday after Thanksgiving as well as after Christmas day and the day following New Year’s. What could possibly be next?

News reports throughout the weekend indicated more charges are on the way. Beginning October 7, British Airways will charge passengers requesting specific seat assignments if it is 24 hours prior to departure. Depending on the length of your trip and your class fare, choosing your seat could cost anywhere between $16 and $95. One way to avoid the charge and still choose your seat for free is to request a specific spot within the 24-hour period before takeoff, but that of course, will leave you keeping company in the back of the plane with engines noise and bathroom odors.

But the Brits aren’t the only ones attacking the wallets of commercial airline consumers. The Associated Press outlined extra charges levied by all the big names flying the not-so-friendly skies, including American, Continental, Delta, United, and US Airways. And USA Today reported that even though there are fewer commercial passengers this year, the airlines still managed to rake in $3.8 billion in extra fees in the first six months of 2009, an increase from $2.3 billion from the same period in 2008.

Flying private never sounded so good.

Via: New York Magazine