A Toast to $15,000 Single Malt

For $15,000 you can now experience what truly exceptional scotch is all about. The Macallan 57 Lalique “Finest Cut” is extremely rare single malt whiskey in a limited edition crystal decanter designed exclusively for The Macallan by the renowned French crystal house, Lalique.

Beginning in October, 2009 the 57 year old single malt whiskey that comes from the Speyside distillery will be available for your enjoyment with a crystal decanter valued at $15,000.

The opulent single malt is made in six casks constructed from two different species of oak. One oak is a 1950 American oak sherry butt while the other is a Spanish oak sherry butt originally filled with Macallan in 1948, 1951, and 1952. The result is single malt exuding Macallan’s authentic style and giving off the classic dried fruits, spice and peat scent.  Delivering at a very slow rate of distillation, Macallan maximizes the liqueurs flavors and allows for a distinguishingly rich viscous quality.

David Cox, Director of Fine & Rare Whiskies notes that the Macallan 57, “is the second oldest The Macallan whiskey ever released, only surpassed in age by the legendary 1926, a 60 year old bottled in 1986.” In order to adequately match the exquisiteness of the chosen decanter, David Cox adds, “We chose a particularly rare 57 years old Macallan single malt whiskey in homage to the beauty of Lalique’s Finest Cut decanter.”

There are only 400 Finest Cut decanters being launched worldwide, and of the 400, only 72 will be available in the United States. Each individually numbered, the crystal decanters were each worked on by up to 15 craftsmen in Wingen-sur-Moder, Alsace, in order to ensure nothing short of perfection. Featuring a silhouette of a perfume bottle, the decanter also includes a long piece of pure crystal flowing down to a point from the base of the bottle stopper.

The age statement of 57 years old is determined by the youngest cask which was filled in 1952.

Via: Luxist