A Great Brooklyn View for $25 Million

It’s not breaking news to anyone now-a-days that Brooklyn is quickly reinventing itself and becoming the hot Manhattan-adjacent borough. But what exactly does $25 million buy you in Brooklyn these days? Well, for the borough’s current most expensive apartment, it buys you a spectacular view.

At more than twice the sale price of the most expensive residential property sold in Brooklyn to date, a $25 million triplex penthouse in David Walentas’s Clock Tower building at 1 Main St. in Dumbo is up for grabs, and New York’s real estate elite are pleasantly nodding their heads in approval. In a building considered by some as a unique artifact, the penthouse is said to be, “one of a handful of special New York apartments.”

Additionally, described as “equivalent, if not better” to a luxury space seen on the market in Manhattan recently, the record breaking Brooklyn penthouse at the Clock Tower is receiving extremely positive reviews in regards to its price point. Anthony Brown, of Prudential Douglas Elliman, says that the price point for the penthouse is accurate. As one of the oldest buildings in the area, he notes, “You can’t compare. Even for the luxury market, it’s sexy.”

So what makes this luxurious penthouse in Brooklyn so sexy? According to reports, the view from the apartment is scandalously priceless (or $25 million to be precise). Five bridges and all of the highlights of the usual New York City skyline are visible from the four-story, 6,800-square-foot apartment’s level that is located on the building’s 19th floor.

In addition to the rare view, the location and age of the building are top selling points to viewers and the glass elevator that the stairs encircle has not even been debuted yet. Chances are that will be yet another reason why this penthouse is creating a real estate buzz previously unheard of in the area. And don’t worry about potential new construction ruining the view; unless air rights to the East River are being handed out haphazardly anytime soon, the view of 1 Main St. in Dumbo will remain unscathed.

While it’s true that Brooklyn’s luxury may have a different disposition than Manhattan’s, the refurbished borough has certainly proved that its appeal, being that it provides livable space close (yet far enough) to the city, is worthy of Manhattan price tags.

Via New York Observer