Dr. Sam Gershenbaum

Cosmetic surgery has become more than just a passing trend in our aesthetically obsessed culture. What started out as procedures that were often kept under wraps and reserved for only the upper echelons of society have quickly become the popular standard surgeries for women and men of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds who desire to keep their look fresh and vibrant.

Human sexuality is a considerable factor in our yearning for eternal beauty. As natural sexual beings, we all desire to be more attractive and physically alluring. Sigmund Freud reinforced this fact of human nature when he said that everything in life is about sex. Sex controls the world, and women control the sex. I spend time with some of the most amazing women in the world who are, of course, stunningly beautiful. However, physical beauty has many deeper implications than only what we see on the surface. Every man dreams of being with the woman who walks into a room and turns every head. She is the woman that every person in the room wants to know. Men will do almost anything to be with her. I want to empower every woman to be THAT woman. I want to provide women with the confidence to walk into a room with pride, a sense of purpose, and the power to have anything she desires.

To accomplish these goals, nothing that I do, nor any procedure that I perform, is standard. As an artist, each surgeon develops his own unique stroke. But in surgery, you cannot erase the wrong stroke of a knife. I refuse to allow anyone to rush me. What I do is slow, methodical, variable to each instance, and painstakingly precise. I want perfection! Is my work about art? Yes, of course it is. But it goes so much further than that. My work is about empowerment. I don’t just want my patients to look better; I want them to be all they can be. I want them to conquer.

In my mind, however, perfection does not exist. Perfection is only an unobtainable ideal that we strive for. Being a perfectionist, as I have so often been called, is consuming. It is, however, a necessary trait in continuing that quest to obtain the unobtainable. I strive for perfection, accept only excellence, and persevere in the journey.

Patients continually confide in me, long after their surgery, about how much their decision for cosmetic surgery has enhanced their lives. I love to see that elegant lady getting everyone’s attention, knowing that she was MY patient. My work is rewarding. Many people feel that they now have the perfect result and can go back into the world with their head held high. I, however, will continue reaching for that ideal of perfection. It is a labor of passion and I enjoy the never-ending challenge.

Over all, the cosmetic surgery industry is booming and will continue to grow. It is everywhere we turn and more popular than ever. Men and women, of all ages, want to feel vibrant, sensual, and attractive to both sexes. So, what was once a secret is now professed and the new trend as we close out this first decade of the millennium is that from being overdone to one of being well done.

All My Best,

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum
Aventura Center for Cosmetic Surgery
2954-B Aventura Blvd.
Aventura, Fl 33180