Paramount Princess: Edmiston & Company for the Discerning Yachtsman


Since 1996, Edmiston & Company has been providing the world’s most discerning yachtsmen and travelers with its indispensible services. Whether you’re in need of a yacht charter, interested in purchasing a megayacht, or seeking management and staff for a private vessel, Edmiston answers the call. With an impressive fleet of more than 100, there is a wide variety of yachts for charter from which to choose. However, there is only one that sets the standard for superiority in style, technology, and innovation: the 252-foot Princess Mariana. The 42nd largest yacht in the world, this not-so-little princess might just be the most posh imperial to ever hit the seas, making for one of the world’s most sought-after charters.

 As luxurious as the exterior is, and as endlessly entertaining as the water toys are, the Francois Zuretti-designed interior is what makes the time spent onboard a true indulgence.

Built at the Royal Denship in Denmark and launched in 2003, Princess Mariana is as strong as she is chic. Measuring at 79-meters and with a cruising speed of 17-knots, her power and speed slice through the water with regal dominance. The six-deck vessel was designed with a limited capacity of 12 permanent guests, allowing individuals onboard to easily cloister themselves and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding water. Not to worry, there is capacity for 26 staff and crewmembers. Though her vast size and sprawling deck space is impressive, to say the least, it’s the innumerable accoutrements and detailing that went into her $12 million remake that set the Princess apart from any other charter.

The headlining feature onboard is undoubtedly the custom Beach Club. The dry dock of the club area can be flooded when the tender is out, transforming the space into a 12-meter swimming pool with underwater illumination, accentuating the steps that lead down. A strong second leading attraction is the convertible helipad driving range. While the onboard chopper is in flight, the pad serves as a base for golf enthusiasts, while a gargantuan drop-down screen portrays famed courses from around the world. Other onboard luxury toys include a custom Oeino 12-seater, Castoldi water jet, Ski Nautique 20, three Yamaha Jet Skis, and two Yamaha Wave Runners. And the entire length of the starboard hull wall lowers to just above sea level, transforming the area into a private teak wood sun deck.

As luxurious as the exterior is, and as endlessly entertaining as the water toys are, the Francois Zuretti-designed interior is what makes the time spent onboard a true indulgence. Through a neutral palette of primarily cream and white mixed with minimalist décor and gold accents, Zuretti achieved a look that is luxurious and chic yet also warm, comfortable, and inviting. The sweeping master suite exemplifies some of the interior design phenomena’s finest work, and is replete with marble bar, pristine linens, and custom carpeting and drapery. The movie theater, bar and lounge, den, and living room are all decorated with equal care and attention to detail, creating the collective effect of an opulent oasis. The minimalist motif is consistent throughout the watercraft and carries out onto the upper party deck that holds two bars, casual seating areas, a raised dance floor, grand piano, three cinema screens, a barbeque, sun beds, and a spa pool. Panasonic Plasma TVs are in every stateroom, and the entire craft is wired to a Lantic entertainment system, capable of storing more than 15,000 audio songs and 750 DVD films, all of which can be operated by either a custom remote or PDAs on board.

With all her resplendent luxury and grandeur, it comes as no surprise that a sojourn on the Princess Mariana comes at a lofty price. Weekly charters begin at around $904,000-about $1.30 per second-though it can be assured, as with any Edmiston, the high-end experience will undoubtedly justify the means.