$200 Million Grapes


In this market, it is important to choose your investments wisely. The stock market is not looking like the soundest place to put your money, but real estate-especially the kind that provides annual income-is always a sound choice. The Bordeaux brand Château Latour, considered one of the Medoc region’s finest, is being offered by François Pinault for $200 million to $280 million-the exact price is up for debate.  (Pinault bought the vineyard in 1993 for $150 million; his current financial troubles are the reason for the sale.) The price will get the lucky investor 190 acres of Bordeaux vineyards, but only grapes from the 115 acres that surround the actual chateau at the heart of the estate are used to make the Grand Vin de Château Latour. The grapes offer a sound ROI: A case of the 1961 vintage fetched an impressive $170,000 at auction by Christie’s in Hong Kong last month.

Via London Times