Jet of the Week: Jetset Card Program


Global economic pressures continue to make headlines, and options to streamline costs without sacrificing quality has become an increasing important goal for many. No where has this been more evident than in private jet travel. The efficiency, comfort, and elegance awarded by private jet travel make this an obvious choice for the busy executive or frequent traveler, but minimizing the cost would certainly be advantageous.

The Jetset Card Program indeed provides a perfect solution in this regard allowing one to enjoy the benefits of private jet ownership without its inherent hassles and costs. The program enables one to have a range of choices among light, medium or heavy luxury jets each time you fly rather than having to fly the same style jet regardless of your specific trip’s needs. And with guaranteed rates and availability every day of the year, there are no surprises as with other private jet services. Even specific aircrafts can be requested with some advance notice.

Additional benefits of the Jetset Card Program include free upgrades and other perks over time as well as earned rewards such as in-flight catering, complimentary car services, and other annual incentives. No hidden fees such as fuel surcharges or repositioning costs exist. In other words, you only pay for the time you fly. If looking for the most economical means for flying in private jet luxury while enjoying the greatest benefits in choice, rewards, and convenience, the Jetset Card Program is the perfect risk-free option for the luxury traveler. In times like these, it is nice to have the best of both worlds.

Make the smart choice and indulge in the best private jet services with the Jetset Card Program while avoiding the hassles and costs of direct ownership. Simply visit Luxury Index, an online marketplace where millions of affluent internet users can buy, rent, charter, or sell their luxury goods and services.