Tom Ford’s Fur


With predictions of snow looming over the city already, it’s nice to know that our favorite designers have planned accordingly, ensuring that even in sub-zero weather, we’ll still look haute…for a price. Amidst the Wall Street mayhem, and the growing trend of conservatism, the ever-decadent Tom Ford has released one of the most extravagant collections to date. Since the fashion icon is credited with saving Gucci, we assume he knows what he’s doing. The limited edition winter collection includes boots, yes, with the fur, and matching trapper hat. Stunning as these winter accessories may be, the price tags that accompany them seem only appropriate if a trip to Aspen is in store. The collection begins at $4,470 for the chocolate brown kid fur boots. Silver and tan natural fur boots are offered for $5,250, while a dressier pair of natural brown Otto fur boots will cost $9,240. The white badger fur hat will run you $4,510. Don’t your ears and toes feel warm already? Sorry ladies, this collection is only for men.