Ferrari Goes Green


Venerable automaker Ferrari is taking new environmental strides, introducing an eco-friendly replacement for the F430, the F142. Luxury automobile aficionados will surely welcome the fresh new design in conjunction with the vehicles state-of-the-art technology that was initially showcased last year in Ferrari’s Mille Chili concept. The F142 will have drastically smaller C02 emissions to meet strict European laws, and Ferrari has all but ruled out the possibility of diesel engines. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper Ferrari chief executive Amedeo Felisa said, “Reduced displacement is one route we will have to go – definitely turbocharged units with direct injection.” The car will be lighter than the F430 Scuderia, as it has become a well-known fact that smaller lighter cars will reduce fuel consumption. The anticipation continues to rise for Ferrari’s first ever eco-friendly automobile, and if all plans go accordingly, the vehicle is set to debut in late 2009 or early 2010.