Beverly Park Street War


By Sean Ballent

There is a turf war is brewing in the hills of California. Last year, in one of the area’s toniest neighborhoods, North Beverly Park Homeowners restricted access to a street located in North Beverly Park. The South Beverly Park Homeowners Association had previously been able to use the road but due to restricted access, non-Southern residents must take a detour. This means that the guests, friends, maids, contractors, and gardeners of the Southern residents must go seven-miles out of their way to reach their destinations, an incredible inconvenience.

Residents in the north claim that the restrictive policy is necessary due to the southerners’ unwillingness to pay for upkeep of the private street, even though they use the street regularly. They also claim that the guests of the southern residents took the street for granted, driving to fast and using it when they had no intention of stopping at any homes in the south. The case has involved a number of high-profile names that call the area home, including the likes of Barry Bonds, Martin Lawrence, Rod Stewart, and Sylvester Stallone, who are listed as defendants in the case.

Via Curbed LA