King of the Cowboys


These boots were made for gawking. Cowboy boots aren’t just for the rodeo stars and sheep herders anymore since becoming a fashion staple in every wardrobe, making a stylish statement of authority in even the most metropolitan of cities.  Now, extravagant luxury has finally arrived at western footwear with the introduction of the most expensive cowboy boots which are hand-made by Michael Anthony.  Cowboy boots already attract attention with strides that emit a powerful sound through sturdy heals and carefully constructed forms in countless shades.  But to stand out, the custom boots by famed boot designer Michael Anthony are the pinnacle of footwear power statements that few cowboys can afford.  The Sonoma County, CA boot-maker entirely hand crafts each of the 372 steps required to custom make a cowboy boot, using the highest quality materials including calf leather, ostrich, and alligator.  These boots are full crocodile boots with an extravagant Egyptian gold inlay on the back, a detail worthy only of the king of cowboy boots.  These affluent boots retail for a price of about $9,600 and a delay of 12-18 months, well worth the wait to wear boots affordable to very few.