Jet of the Week: 2008 Raytheon Hawker 400XP Business Jet


Leaving your car, you walk up the stairs, place your briefcase on the table, and recline in a soft leather chair as you open the newspaper. One might think you simply are coming home from a day at the office, but no…you chose to rent a 2008 Raytheon Hawker 400XP for your business travel today.

Efficient executive travel can be a crucial component of your business. Not only can commercial travel cause tremendous delays and inconveniences that limit productivity, but the frustrations certainly do not breed optimal performance. As a result, many executives are increasingly turning to private jet travel to avoid these pitfalls that limit their effectiveness.

On the Hawker 400XP, soft carpeting, accommodating leather seats, and glossed wood accents provide an exquisite interior setting to conduct business or relaxation. In no time, 8 guests can speed to their destination at a speed of 514 mph up to a range of 1789 nautical miles. This light business jet has highlighted luxury executive travel since 1990 and continues to meets the demands of today’s business traveler.

If luxury jet travel and efficient business practices are appealing to you, renting the Hawker 400XP makes perfect sense. These premier private jets have become the standard for the savvy executive when the scarcest resource is time. Being efficient certainly can have its perks as the Hawker 400XP clearly demonstrates.

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