Car of the Week: 2007 Saleen S7


Ferrari and Bugatti may have some of the finest exotic sports cars in the world, but they don’t have a corner on the market. Since Steve Saleen decided to establish an American racer that would rival the automotive world’s elite, it was jus a matter of time when America would make her own mark. The 2007 Saleen S7 is that mark. These hand-built exotic cars harbor a 7 liter push-rod V8 engine capable of 550HP that jumps to 750HP with the addition of a twin turbo system. Zero to 60mph takes only an amazing 3.4 seconds with a top speed reported at 248mph. Move over Ferrari…there’s a new kid in town.

The Saleen S7 weighs only 2750 lbs giving this stylish machine a weight to power ratio of 3.6 pounds making the Saleen ridiculously fast. And from a design perspective, scoops, spoilers and aerodynamic curves create a split channel airflow system that above speeds of 160 mph creates the Saleen’s own downforce.  Between Steve Saleen’s experience in racing and his knowledge of Ford engine modification, no detail has been left unattended that would limit optimal performance. From the mid-mounted engine to a centered driver’s seat, every design features seeks to achieve the best and fastest driving experience.

The Saleen’s interior is likewise indulgent. Encased in luxurious leather, and accented with aluminum highlights, comfort has not been neglected. Even driver visibility is superb for this pavement-hugging rocket allowing you to see the road clearly in addition to viewing its intimidating 240 mph speedometer. Created with the knowledge from millions of dollars of NASCAR research and design, the Saleen S7 is an opportunity of a lifetime. And with less than 100 built, it is also an opportunity for the few. If opportunity knocks on your door, you definitely want to pay attention.

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