Jet of the Week: 2005 Cessna Citation Bravo


The Cessna Aircraft Company was founded by Clyde Cessna in 1927 after this Kansas farmer and car salesperson decided to take an adventure in aviation production. His passion for flight and aircraft design made Cessna a leader in business jets then and continues today. The 2005 Cessna Citation Bravo epitomizes this passion with Cessna Citation models holding three of the top selling positions in business jet travel. The Bravo’s evolution from the Citation II in 1978 is the culmination of progressive state-of-the-art avionics and engineering has made it a trademark for luxury midsize business jets. Since the Bravo’s introduction in 1997, more than 337 have sold.

Characteristic of the Bravo’s design, two Pratt and Whitney turbofan engines sit near the lower fuselage providing over 2500 lbs. of takeoff thrust and allowing speeds of 460 mph. This along with a range of 1450 miles enables an array of destinations for executive travel. And of course a luxury jet must indeed be luxurious. Its pressurized cabin seats 8 passengers in spacious elegance in premium club seating. Recline and relax in soft leather while cruising in style or conduct business in the tranquil environment that the Bravo offers. Choosing to charter private jet travel in a Cessna Citation Bravo is a choice for luxury and a decision without risk. Cessna’s heritage and history award the comfort of knowing you are indeed traveling first-class.

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