Boat of the Week: 2005 Azimut Leornado 98 “Seven Star”


Some luxury yachts simply have the perfect array of amenities that let you travel the seven seas in majestic style as well as comfort. The 2005 “Seven Star” Azimut Leornado 98 is such a vessel allowing comfort, class and style from its beautiful design to its inherent functionality. Its sleek contemporary appearance saturates both the exterior and interior. Crisp lines with simple yet elegant light and dark contrasts create a luxurious feel as does a choice of modern materials for its overall classic look. Whether enjoying the top deck Jacuzzi or alfresco dining at sunset, elegance abounds in its beautiful design.

The “Seven Star” allows a range of 2200 nautical miles with a cruising speed of 18 knots, but its most impressive feature is its state-of-the-art stabilizing system that self-corrects vessel motion 200 times per second. This enables amazing comfort and travel even in the roughest waters. Combining these features with over 4400 HP and a maximum speed of 32 knots, the “Seven Star” nicely meshes luxury with power and control. In this regard, its performance perfectly compliments its impressive beauty.

From within, 8 passengers and 4 crew are easily accommodated in luxury suites that are air-conditioned and provide luxury ensuite baths. Italian marble, spacious showers, and comprehensive entertainment centers are standard for each suite. And the salon and dining areas expertly combine stainless steel, glass, light oak and soft leather into an open atmosphere for entertaining, relaxing, or socializing. All in all, the “Seven Star” has an ideal performance, design and feel for what one would expect from a modern luxury yacht. This Azimut Leornado 98 provides all the tools needed to indulge in the best of luxurious yacht travel.

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