Croque Monsieur It Up in Santa Monica with Alain Giraud


Los Angeles’ leading French chef, Alain Giraud, has recently opened his new brasserie in Santa Monica’s Clocktower building. His latest creation, Anisette Brasserie, features set designer Monte Hollis’ classic brasserie look, with antique mirrors, mosaic tiled floors, and a zinc bar that runs the length of one side of the room; ceilings are super high to create an ambiance so French, you’ll think you’re chilling in Paris or Lyons. Behind a monochromatic bar top stands a wall made incandescent with bottles of all shapes and sizes. If you’re not mesmerized by the plethora of choice, you will certainly feel intoxicated by Chef Giraud’s delectable menu. Combining traditional favorites such as Croque Monsieur and steak frites with inspired surprises including the Heirloom Watermelon Mozarella salad and the Pate de Maison, Anisette’s refined cuisine promises to satiate even the most fickle of connoisseurs. Anisette Brasserie is at 225 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica. You can call them at 310-395-3200 or check the place out online at