Live Photography


Photographer Howard Austin Feld seems to live a pretty good life, one infused with decadence, hauteness, and nakedness…all in the sake of art, of course. Sound like it is up your alley? Feld is willing to share the secrets to his talents, for a price, of course. Known for his intimate and voyeuristic style, his photos have been known to spark more than just conversation, if you catch our drift.

From November 6-10th, Feld is offering a 5-day Live-in Photographic Workshop, limited to 6 students. For the duration of the course, students will live in Feld’s waterfront mansion in Golden Beach, Florida, a mere 20 minutes from South Beach. The residence features two complete kitchens, 7 bathrooms, 7 baths, a heated pool, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, huge dining room, and private chef.

The space provides near unlimited shooting areas, including a private beach on the Atlantic. Shoots will take place on the property and on location throughout Miami and Miami Beach, both with models and without.

The workshop and accommodations are available for $5,000, and non-workshop guests are welcome for $1,500. For more info, contact 305.632.4638 or