Jet of the Week: 2007 LearJet 31A


Travel in style and luxury as you soar to your next business or personal destination on a LearJet 31A. Since 1991, this premiere executive jet has defined luxury and style for the elite traveler. At a cruising speed of 509 mph, the twin engines of this private jet speeds you to your next destination without the inconveniences of commercial travel. With a range of almost 1600 miles, most destinations are direct and only a few hours away. Digital avionics and standard thrust reversers give the LearJet 31A state-of-the-art flight abilities for the most particular jet-setter.

Additionally, the luxurious comfort and amenities may cause you to wish for a longer flight despite the enhanced cruising speeds. Easily able to accommodate 7 passengers in luxurious style, the LearJet 31A boasts dual zone A/C systems allowing the cockpit and cabin to achieve comfort independently. DVD, CD player, phone, and luxury seating provide additional measures of contentment as you travel at 50,000 feet. If luxury travel appeals to you, the LearJet 31A gives you an elegance to satisfy your personal needs. Whether for business or pleasure, consider traveling in style by selecting this luxurious private jet charter.

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