Jet of the Week: 2007 Falcon 50


Flight range can be a dilemma for an executive traveler who seeks a private jet to handle long travel distances while still providing sleek and sporty features. The 2007 Falcon 50 meets this challenge by accommodating great range in an extraordinary mid-size jet design. With a capacity to seat up to 9 passengers and 3 crew members, the Falcon 50 clearly maintains a quaint yet luxurious atmosphere for conducting business, enjoying social conversation, or simply relaxing. But more importantly, with a range of 3500 miles this premier jet is ideal for long distance air travel.

With greater air distances, comfort becomes of the utmost importance. In this aspect, the Falcon 50 tailors to the needs of the luxury connoisseur. Elegant leather seating, a full lavatory, a full galley and a microwave complete the amenities of this stylish three-engine jet. French design accents the elegance of its interior while speeding you along your way to your next destination. This unique and exquisite corporate jet remains in a class by itself through its combination of distance, speed, style and luxury. The Falcon 50 truly makes executive travel an enjoyable experience in style that will make any distance pass quickly.

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