Redefining Modern: Blue Heron

The young family-run company Blue Heron has already achieved success. Now, the company is redefining what it means to be modern with its latest Las Vegas community, Marquis, offering state-of-the-art energy saving technology, ideal locations, and so much more.

By Felicity Sargent
Photography by Jim Scolari


Pushing boundaries is something with which family pioneers Tyler and Stephen Jones, Michael Murphy, and Tommy Isola are well acquainted. Their company Blue Heron, founded in 2004, has continually engaged in groundbreaking progress in design, technology, and most recently, environmentally sound construction and development.

The Heron was chosen as the company’s mascot for its correlative symbolism of a refreshing taste of color in Southern Nevada’s desert environment. The founders see their company as a new fangled hue in the colorful housing market of Las Vegas, with lofts boasting sophistication akin to those of New York City and up to half of an acre parcels private enough to be mistaken for the country. Their debut project, Stone Canyon Luxury Loft Homes, a boutique of 23 single family loft homes in western Las Vegas, was such a success that it sold out before the model home for potential buyers was even built. This was only a precursor for the success about to follow.

Marquis, the latest Blue Heron venture, will be their most groundbreaking spectacle yet. As the website proclaims, “a dazzling reflection of the new Las Vegas lifestyle, Marquis brings inspired living to Tomiyasu Lane, historically Las Vegas’ most privileged and desirable neighborhood.” And location is just the beginning of this community’s unique offerings.

Headlining the company’s new development is state-of-the-art innovation; the model home, currently under construction, is part of an exclusive research study on energy efficiency and is being studied by UNLV and U.S. Department of Energy. This is but one of the many examples of how Blue Heron combines innovation with style and sophistication. Not only will these homes be energy efficient, but also cost-efficient, further embodying the mascot and its reminder of the importance of consumer awareness of the delicate environment.

The elite gated enclave offers unprecedented flexibility and style, giving buyers a variety of choices to customize their condos according to their exact wants and needs. Offered in the selection of custom options are bespoke basements, casitas, elevators, pools, and lavish landscaping. Floor plans also offer a wide range of sizes, starting at 3,500 square feet and spanning up to 10,000 square feet. All are designed around commanding courtyards and include 22-foot ceilings, expansive picture windows, and four- to six-car garages.

Three models are offered within the community to accommodate Blue Heron customers. Also available are customized exterior design options including a choice of one to four stories, or a rooftop terrace with scenic park views or more lively visual scenes of the strip. Keeping within Blue Heron’s trendsetting theme of environmental consciousness and preservation, the modern estates also come with the options of photovoltaic solar panels and insulated concrete walls.

Industry and innovation always go hand in hand, and Blue Heron only proves this statement true. The Marquis community is located within six miles of $30 billion worth of new resort development, and only three miles from a new town square development. Located within 10 minutes of all of the city’s major resorts, the word “convenient” seems like an understatement when describing the locale of this revolutionary Vegas community.

Tomiyasu Lane is home to the city’s finest estate properties that dates back to the golden era of Las Vegas. With the neighborhood’s rich history, traditional allure, and exceptional convenience, it attracts celebrities and citizens alike.The community offers the perfect balance of convenience, space, style, and sophistication, all qualities that have long accompanied the eminent lane.

With quality homes, innovative design, state-of-the-art technology, and ideal locations, Blue Heron continues to reinvent what it means to be modern. The sales offices for the 14 Marquis homes will be open this August, and the scientific energy study, 9,000-square-foot, four-story home will be open in October for viewing.