Davidoff Cigars of Geneva new Brand: Winston Churchill


Nobel Prize winner and famed British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, was and still is arguably the world’s most famed cigar icon. It was a trip to Havana with fellow officer Reginald Barnes in 1895 that sparked the leader’s love affair with cigars, and soon after his Caribbean adventure, his name became synonymous with Cuban cigars as they were his  favorite. In fact, he was rarely seen in public without puffing on the symbol of distinguished refinement. Recently released in May was a new brand from the renowned Davidoff of Geneva cigar manufacturer named after Winston Churchill. This latest brand venture is the first and only non-Davidoff brand to be made at the Davidoff factory in the Dominican Republic. The project was a collaboration between Sir Winston’s grandson, Winston. S. Churchill, and Davidoff cigar maker Hendrick “Henke” Kelner. The cigars are made with only full Cuban seed, and will offer tobacco ranging from the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua. All are finished with Ecuadoran sun-grown wrappers, which are darker and will distinguish the brand from other Davidoff cigars, while the flavor is bold and stronger than most.

Via Luxuo