Travel the World by Limousine


It seems that traveling “The World” has never been easier. Dennis Ingemansson has made it possible to travel and see the world from the comfort of a limousine. Made to transport travelers from island to island in Dubai’s man-made 300-island archipelago, “The World,” an Ingemansson-designed and developed Dubai Sea Limousine provides access via sea between the man-made islands. Located 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai, The World calls for a new type of transportation, and this luxury yacht design is the answer.

The Dubai Sea Limousine requires no human pilot-it is controlled entirely by a satellite navigation system. Inspired by the ever present “green” zeitgeist, the forward-thinking design is solar powered; solar cells incorporated into the window skin of the vehicle power the hovercraft-aided limo around Dubai’s The World, making inter-island transportation convenient and eco-friendly.

Via Luxuo