Bespoke Ferraris


Some Ferrari drivers were first attracted by the sheer power of the mighty engine, or maybe by the proud history of the Prancing Horse. Today Ferrari woos the public with the promise of complete customization, which means the exclusivity, rarity and distinction that aims to attract a whole new level of enthusiasts to the famous Maranello factory. Ferrari owners to be are welcomed to a town in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy known as Maranello: home of Ferarri. There they may choose any model in production, consult with experts and participate in the production of every detail of their special “one-off” sports car par excellence. Two million Euros are requested for this special treatment.
In the same way that the ultimate haute couture houses offer complete custom made fashions, the “atelier” portion of the Ferrari factory will make the same consideration. No one, however, will be allowed to compromise the safety of the car. The chassis, engine and airbags are all off-limits.
In the past, Ferrari owners who wanted to add something special to their model had to seek out private coachbuilders-Pininfarina and Carrozzeria being the most celebrated names. Over time, Ferrari has shifted to accommodate their more particular buyers. Starting with the Carrozzeri Scaglietti Programme offered some bespoke elements to Scaglietti purchasers. The program was then expanded to allow complete one-to-one personalization of the Scaglietti 612 in March of 2008. After overwhelming success with this pilot program, the historic brand will allow each of its models to undergo full personalization right at the factory.
This process is not all about looks; it goes far beyond two-tone paint schemes and custom branding on the leather. Ferrari will tailor your car based on your intended use. From adding a steering wheel dial that varies body and powertrain calibrations to switching to a manual gearbox the one-to-one program ranges from fundamental mechanical changes to stitching on the headrests.

Via Luxury Insider