Barbie ROCKS


In a world where Hello Kitty, Tweety Bird, and Superman have their own fine jewelry collections, isn’t it about time America’s favorite childhood icon has a line of her own?
The Barbie ROCKS Jewelry by Layna and Alan Friedman is a lush collection made up of two distinct collections: Silhouette and Butterfly. Silhouette features Barbie’s famed ponytailed profile in an array of pendants, dog tags and bracelets, while the Butterfly Collection is comprised of several butterfly rings in 18-karat yellow gold with semi-precious stones and diamonds, ranging in price from a mere $130 to $4,800. Custom pieces can run you more than $15,000.

Layna and Alan Friedman, in collaboration with Mattel Co., created the Barbie ROCKS jewelry line in Beverly Hills, where Mr. Friedman operates his namesake boutique. Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Janet Jackson are all fans of the Mr Friedman, so it shouldn’t be long before they are seen sporting looks from these collections, which have amounted several accolades from the Spectrum Awards hosted by the American Gem Trade Association.

A portion of every sale is donated to Children Affected by AIDS Foundation, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide assistance to children around the world whose lives have been affected by AIDS. You can purchase pieces from the Barbie ROCKS line at the Alan Friedman Boutique as well as online at The beautiful pieces give the wearer an opportunity to relive a piece of their childhood while giving children around the world a chance to enjoy theirs. What could be better than that?