Summer Skiing in Moscow


A lifestyle that seemed unfathomable less than two decades ago is now considered the norm for Moscow’s New Russians. Call them nouveau riche if you must, but that won’t stop Russian women from wearing Graff diamonds to Sunday brunch, and men from taking their names off ten-page lists for the latest luxury car. A home in Rublevka, Moscow’s version of the Hamptons, is no longer enough; besides, what’s a Russian to do in the winter? Taking the requisite trip to the Alps is just too blasé. If Dubai can have a ski resort year-round, Muscovites can certainly afford the same luxury. A short winter season is so yesterday.

This weekend, snow bunnies flocked to the opening of Snezh.Kom, the largest all-season ski-complex in Europe. Situated in the Pavshinskaya Valley in the Moscow region, the complex is the size of four large football fields. It is owned by SU-155, the third largest developer in Moscow, which accounts for over 20 percent of the local construction market, and another investor who prefers to remain anonymous. SU-155 refuses to disclose the cost of the development, but Interfax, a leading news agency in Russia, estimates that Snezh.Kom is valued at $100 million. Finally a place where Pucci snow suits are in vogue!

Via MoscowTimes