The World’s First Supersonic Business Jet


Concorde jets are so five years ago. But if you’re one of the many corporate businessmen mourning the loss of the Concorde’s supersonic speed, look no further than Aerion’s supersonic business jet. Although Concorde’s flights were primarily civilian, the SBJ is aimed solely at the corporate world and jet setting billionaires. The new jet will fit up to 10 passengers, about the same size as traditional subsonic jets. Larger commercial supersonic transports have been burdened with higher costs, noise, and environmental concerns, but the company has already booked nearly $1.5 billion in just three months with an initial deposit of $250,000 for its $80 million SBJ.

The key innovative feature on the SBJ is the plane’s so-called ‘laminar airflow’ wing, which helps minimize drag at high speeds and can transport you places in just minutes. The SBJ can fly at a maximum of 51,000 feet like many other business jets already on the market, but flies at a maximum of Mach 1.6 in order to reduce the need for costly materials. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little longer before you take this bad boy out for a spin – the first flight takes off in 2014.

Via Born Rich