Trophy Properties

Sumptuous and sleek, these homes represent some of the most sought-after properties on the real estate market today.

By Benjamin Minkus



Arrive to a private island world of privilege in just two hours from Miami by Ferrari and even faster by helicopter when landing on site. The mile-long driveway is a hint of the quiet pleasures of this residence as it connects the Manor House to the main road of the Florida Keys, passing first through a federally protected bird sanctuary (cleverly donated in a tax exchange by the seller’s affiliate to create a permanent buffer from intrusion by the real world), then through a relative’s lands with a small caretaker’s house overlooking the water, and finally over the small bridge, which officially christens the island character of the nine-acre estate.

The feeling of the upstairs mirrors that of the grand homes in the islands of the Bahamas, in good condition but the baths and kitchen are ready for the arrival of Philippe Stark. There is a reason Lilly Pulitzer fabrics were made nearby in Key West, as this house is a testament to those happy colors and playful times. Interior rooms include four bedrooms and four baths with a huge cistern that some free spirit converted into the housekeeper’s quarters.

A Jacuzzi tub competes with the fresh water swimming pool for the eye candy crowd, while a large salt water lagoon welcomes children of all ages to discover its array of tropical fish. Deeded amenities include a concrete dock in good condition, sea walls that could use some attention, a channel, and 23 acres of undersea lands adjacent and contiguous to the island. The tower that serves the arriving helicopters is also conveyed.
In one of those rare once in the lifetime opportunities, one of the largest privately held lands in the Florida Keys is offered for sale.

Price: $8,500,000
Location: Florida Keys, F
Realtor: Rex Hamilton
Phone: 305.441.2828
Realty: The Rex Hamilton Corporation